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  • Make Church matter


    We believe that our mission is to respond joyfully to Christ’s call to become more fully the people of God and as disciples to carry on Christ's mission and His Church in our communities and beyond.

    Christ's mission is carried on by proclaiming the Gospel of forgiveness, love, mercy and reconciliation to every person.

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  • News

    • August 18
      You are cordially invited to join us as we celebrate 8 years of Pat's ministry as a deacon in our parish. Patrick is beginning a new chapter in his life as a full-time pastoral associate at St. Mary's in Jefferson, Ma.
    • August 18
      Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and wonderful food. Learn more by clicking the picture. This year we are going to hold a GOLOMBKI CONTEST.
    • August 18
      Classes start on the weekend of September 7th. Click for more information about how to register your child.
    • August 11
      We wish to thank you for your support of St. Pat's during this year's Partners in Charity Appeal. God's peace and blessing may be with you in gratitude for your wonderful spirit of stewardship.
  • YnIA Youth ministry

  • Whitewater rafting